Beijing – Day 2

Our second day in Beijing began with a visit to Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City. The sun was out and the cool breeze was still around but the day was quite a bit warmer than yesterday.

Tianamen Square is huge and it was quite surreal to be standing in such a significant and historic place. It covers an area of up to 440,000 square metres which can accommodate up to one million people for a gathering.

The Forbidden City is also enormous and we only had time to see a small part of the overall ancient palace complex. It is the largest complex of this type in the world and was built during the Ming Dynasty. Emperors from the Ming and Qing Dynasties used the Palace for handling state affairs and for living.

After a couple of hours wandering through the Forbidden City it was time for lunch and then a look at the 2008 Olympic venue. We all enjoyed seeing the birds nest and the water cube, and most of us were involved in a snowball fight at some stage during our walk!

The magnificent Summer Palace was next on our list. What an amazing place this was. Set around the edge of a huge lake there are many impressive buildings and beautiful gardens to see. It is a place you could spend a whole day walking through the gardens and enjoying the amazing Chinese architecture.

After returning to our hotel we walked to a Taiwanese food court for dinner and enjoyed trying some different foods. Some of us then walked down to see Tianamen Square at night and many checked out the market stalls and shops in the area.


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