Beacon Foundation Business Blackboard – Real Life Maths!

Today our year 10 students were fortunate to be shown how Maths is used in real life situations as part of the Beacon Program.

Dave and Gus, two Yarram Paramedics, explained how giving the right drug dose could be the difference between life and death.  Students were given the scenario of a child having an epileptic fit and then they were given the formulae to calculate the correct dosage.  Students then competed in groups to see who could calculate the correct dosage for children with different weights.

Dave and Gus explained that they often  had to perform calculations in stressful situations and so to simulate this half the class had to make a lot of noise while the other class had to calculate the correct dosage.

It was great that our students were given the opportunity to see the importance of good Maths skills outside of the classroom.

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