BBQ with the Boys

Yarram Secondary College continued the introduction of new inspiring programs for its year ten students in conjunction with the BEACON Foundation by running and event titled BBQ with the Boys.

Local Business men were invited to come to the school to share their work life experiences with the year ten boys. Local businessmen and employees, John Collins, Gary Stephens, Jim Wilson, Mark Duthie, Jack Kingchurch, Wayne Coulthard, Grant Shank, Corey Kee, Trek Davis, Jake Anderson, Ryan Coulthard along with secondary college staff in, Wayne Chester, Russell Mitchell, Brendan Skews, Richard Johnston, Brendan Birch, Mark Dows, Jae Taylor and Owen Henderson all contributed to the rich discussion.

The purpose of this event was to demonstrate to the boys how their everyday subjects align with the jobs men perform in our community. All of the business men shared stories about their own experiences at school and they talked about subjects they did well in and subjects they could have worked harder in.

The business men also stressed the importance of learning how to use clear communication skills, the necessity of good reading, writing and comprehension skills, and the ability to challenge yourself to speak in front of an audience. They all talked about the fears they once had when knowing they had to do some public speaking, but after time how they now enjoy this part of their jobs.

The men also shared many examples of how maths and science fit into much of their everyday careers.

All in attendance then shared a beautiful BBQ lunch cooked by the schools year 11 VCAL class.

After lunch students were given the opportunity to ask questions to their mentors. Some of the boys asked questions to build on what they had heard earlier in the day while others asked new questions which stimulate new conversations.

On completion of the day student Beacon Ambassador Wyatt Kilgower thanked all the men for giving up two hours of their day to share their experiences and knowledge with the students.

The business men responded by saying it had been their pleasure and they said their doors are also open if any of them ever wanted to catch up for a further chat.

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