As a fitting end to the year, our annual Awards day was held on December 20th at the Regent.  popular Year 12 student Andrew Neilson was named the Dux of 2017 as well as receiving the VCE Baccalaureate. this provides an additional form of recognition for students who choose to undertake the demands of studying both a higher level mathematics and a language in their VCE program of study. Andrew studied VCE German, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics earning him this distinguished honour. The school is very proud of Andrew and all our finishing year 12’s.

The ceremony was a celebration of all wonderful things that have happened at the school this year, which was covered in speeches by Principal, Brett Pedlow, School Council President, Alison Payne, School Captains Jessica Mattern and James Saliakos, Victorian for Youth leadership representatives Gabrielle Jones and Daniel Petterson, SRC representatives Sarah Myers and Hayley hands and Cambodia volunteers Brooke Roberts and Sam Stone. The school was also introduced to the new school captains for 2018- Hayley Hands and Layton Sketcher.

Our music students were once again a feature of the program, from the Vocal Ensemble’s rendition of Advance Australia Fair to the finale by the Big Band.

The school wishes to congratulate, not only the award winners, but all students of Yarram Secondary College for their wonderful achievements throughout the year and we look forward to seeing everyone back here on Tuesday,January 30th 2018.

Merry Christmas to All.


 Year 7- Alicia Jones, Declan Doyle, Kirsty Sheedy, Evie Collins, Alexi Glebov   DUX: Lily Kerrison-Male

Year 8- Mia Ireland, Ronan Doyle, Talan Watson-Ponsford, Ebony Cook   DUX: Emma Van de Lustgraaf & Amy Janssen

 Year 9- Hazel Kerrison-Male, Ebonee Bragg, Gabrielle Jones, John Collins, Peta Smith DUX: Lauren Tschugguel

 Year 10-Shane Barlow, Logan Wilson, Madison Parry, Brad Farley Daimon Vicino   DUX: Chloe Finn

 Year 11- Seamus Doyle, Elijah Kerrison-Male, Emily Greenaway, Ryan Zygarlicki, Aimee Moore DUX: Hayley Hands

 Year 12- Nickolas Tschugguel, Tayla Botelho, Billi Chisholm, James Saliakos,  Rylee Mayo DUX: Andrew Neilson




Accounting                                              DMG Financial (Yarram) Pty Ltd                            Rylee Mayo

Art                                                           Warren Curry                                                          Laura Millar

Biology                                                     Yarram Veterinary Centre                                      Ryan Zygarlicki

Building & Construction                          Coopers Home Hardware                                      Mason Bragg

Business Management                           Ian Stewart Accounting                                           Rylee Mayo

Chemistry                                                Geoff & Kaye Neilson                                              Jessica Mattern

Engineering                                             AirEng Pty Ltd                                                         Kade Price-Handley

English                                                     Yarram Standard News                                          Tayla Botelho

English Literature                                    Michelle and Karl Tschugguel                                 Hayley Hands

English Orals                                           Yarram Apex Club                                                  Kade Price-Handley

Food Studies                                           DCD Concreting                                                      Brodie Selzer

History                                                     C M Rutter Memorial Award                                   Seamus Doyle

Health & Human Development               Woolworths                                                             Tegan Patterson

Legal Studies                                          Trevor Yong & Associates                                       Tayla Botelho

Further Mathematics                               Garry & Judy Stephens                                           Billi Chisholm

Mathematics Methods                             HVP Plantations                                                      Andrew Neilson

Specialist Mathematics                           Alberton Timber                                                      Andrew Neilson

Media Studies                                         Bendigo Bank Yarram                                            Tayla Botelho

Music                                                       Yarram Eisteddfod Inc.                                           Andrew Neilson

Instrumental Music                                  Don Borthwick                                                         Sam Stone

Vet Music Performance                          Yarram Secondary College                                     Tayla Dwyer & Mackenzie Walker

Physics                                                    HVP Plantations                                                      Nickolas Tschugguel

Psychology                                              Yarram & District Health Services                           Hayley Hands

Visual Communications                           Yarram Community Learning Centre                     Ella Mallett

Youth Advance                                       Office of Youth Development                                  Brooke Smith

Yr 11 Vet Student Of The Year                                                                                              Seamus Doyle

Yr 12 Vet Student Of The Year              Rotary of Yarram                                                    James Saliakos

Yr 11 Vcal Student Of The Year             Yarram Engineering                                               Isea Teo

Yr 12 Vcal Student Of The Year             Mr Brett Pedlow                                                     Shayne Coleman

Federation Training Student Of The Year   Federation Training                                   BrookeRoberts_________________



Junior Boy                                                                                                         Lochlan Sketcher

Junior Girl                                                                                                         Hazel Kerrison-Male

Senior Girl                                                                                                         Madison Parry

Senior Boy                                                                                                        Ben Mattern

Cross Country               Kelvin Wilson Memorial Award                                        Ben Mattern

Ysc Clay Target Shooting Award – Beretta Australia                     Mason Bragg & Tom Garland

Pierre De Coubertin                                                                               Layton Sketcher



Trisha Paulka Memorial Bursary Year 11                                                 Marley Jonston

Trisha Paulka Memorial Bursary Year 12                                                 Sarah Jones

Yarram Courthouse Gallery Year 10 Encouragement Award                      Eden Gregory

Yarram Courthouse Gallery Year 11 Encouragement Award                      Emily Greenaway

Ysc Art Acquisition                                                                                 Kahil Sturgess

Civics & Citizenship Achievement Award- Darren Chester MP                   Jessica Mattern

Mervyn Ray Memorial Award                                                                  Lauren Tschugguel

Price-Wight Family Bursary                                                                    Seamus Doyle

Federation University Yr 11 Achievement Award                                      Hamish Thomson

Federation University Yr 10 Business Award                                            Kydon Vicino

Graeme Egan Science Bursary                                                               Logan Wilson

Tarra Taras Performing Arts Award                                                         Shane Barlow

Wellington Shire Community Encouragement Award H                        Hayley-Rose Allen & Chloetia Green

Caltex Best All Rounder Award                                                               Nickolas Tschugguel

Yarram Apex Club Citizenship Award – Boy                                              Nickolas Tschugguel

Yarram Apex Club Citizenship Award – Girl                                              Jessica Banik

Lions Club Award – Girl                                                                          Lily Kerrison-Male

Lions Club Award – Boy                                                                          Seamus Doyle

David Johnston Youth Initiative Award                                                     Sarah Myers

David Ind Memorial Award                                                                      Zacharie Cook

Tarra Lodge Year 9 Leadership Award                                                   Casey Grady

Tarra Lodge Year 10 Leadership Award                                                   Samara Beaton

Outstanding School Leadership Award    – A & T Moon                             Jessica Mattern

Outstanding School Leadership Award    – A & T Moon                             James Saliakos

Adf Long Tan Leadership Award – Year 10                                               Zacharie Cook

Adf Long Tan Leadership Award – Year 12                                              Chelsea Petterson

Bird Family Trust Scholarship – Tertiary Education                                   Tayla Botelho

Bird Family Trust Scholarship – Tertiary Education                                   Tegan Patterson

Dux Of School – 2017- Y S C Council                                                       Andrew Neilson










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