Advance TAFE Aeronautics Presentation

Advance TAFE Aviation representative Stephen Churches volunteered his time to brief the students on the various avenues their courses had to offer.  The Aviation cluster in Gippsland is largest in Victoria with campuses in Bairnsdale and Sale. The training they provide is on the 3 main streams of maintenance which are Avionics, Mechanical and Structures.

 During the presentation, Mr Churches not only informed the students about the courses they provide, but he also took the time to  teach the  students about the physics of flying and how jet engines work through practical demonstration and PowerPoint displays that had the students engaged with some of the  complex theories.  

At the end of the presentations there were plenty of hands that went up eager to find out as much as they can about the industry and many of the students have already expressed a strong interest in joining the course.

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