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Implementation of the Australian Curriculum in Victoria

All Australian States and Territories have been working with the Commonwealth Government since 2008 to develop a new Australian Curriculum. The States and Territories have agreed on many areas of the curriculum, however, there are some important differences in the ways it will be implemented. These differences include the timing of the introduction of the new curriculum and certain aspects of the content of the new curriculum.

The new curriculum for Foundation (Prep) to Year 10 in Victoria is known as AusVELS. This represents the integration of the new Australian Curriculum subjects into the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). VELS was the previous Victorian curriculum framework used by schools.

The implementation of AusVELS began in 2013. This included the introduction of the first four Australian Curriculum subjects, English, History, Mathematics and Science and the rest of the learning areas taken from VELS.

Parents and students will notice only small changes because of the similarities between the Australian Curriculum subjects and the previous Victorian curriculum. For example, in the AusVELS English curriculum, there is slightly more emphasis on grammar, and more specific content is included in the AusVELS History curriculum. In some areas of Mathematics and Science, the VELS curriculum was more demanding than the Australian Curriculum. Where this was the case, the higher Victorian standards have been maintained in AusVELS.

Student achievement for Foundation–10 English, History, Mathematics and Science will now be reported against the new achievement standards.

At the senior secondary level, the introduction of the Australian Curriculum will have no impact on the delivery of VCAL or VCE.

Studies in the VCE in the learning areas of English, History, Mathematics and Science will be reviewed as part of the normal review process. These reviews will include consideration of both the Australian Curriculum senior secondary subjects and subjects from leading international jurisdictions. This will ensure that Victorian students continue to have access to the highest quality senior secondary education. Revised studies in the VCE will not be implemented until 2016.

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