Agriculture – Year 10’s Learn From Locals

As part of the Beacon Foundation Program our Year 10 students were introduced to the many career opportunities which are found within the Agriculture sector.

Local Dairy Farmer Glen Millar prepared a visual presentation which outlined the many roles a dairy farmer has to play in day to day operations. He talked about how it is more than just milking cows. It involves running a small business, being an employer, mechanics, problem solving, future planning, genetics, science and hard work amongst many other roles.

Glen then introduced Linda DeWin, manager of the local Artificial Breeders Association.

Linda also explained all the underlying jobs and careers which make up her business. Students were engaged by a visual display which demonstrated to them what employees do in inseminating cows, pregnancy testing cows with electronic equipment, herd testing and much more.

Local VET, Amy then explained what she sees and does each day in her job as a veterinarian.

Amy showed the students some photos of the varieties of animals she has worked on and talked about the satisfaction of saving animals lives and helping them when they have bad injuries. Amy also touched on what is required educationally to become a VET.

Scott Travis, local Agronomist for Murray Goulburn, then explained what an Agronomist does. Scott talked about his own time at school and how he wasn’t that interested in maths and science, but how he now uses these subject areas daily in his job. Scott explained how he has to do a lot of face to face work with his clients and how interpersonal skills are very important.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Year 11 student Emma Foat, recipient of the AB Centres school based scholarship last year, then spoke to her fellow students about what she had been exposed too last year through being given the scholarship. The students were then treated to a BBQ lunch which had been generously donated by the AB Association.

The Artificial Breeders Association has again put forward the opportunity for another student to take up the scholarship to learn more about Agriculture and all the career opportunities which lie within this industry.

The Secondary College would like to thank Glen, Linda, Amy & Scott for giving up their valuable time in preparing for their presentations and then presenting to our students.

The students sat attentively throughout the whole presentation which demonstrated that they were all engaged in the information being delivered. A special mention to Glen Millar who organised the day and all of the speakers.



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