9A’s Airvan Adventure – by Eden Middleton-Beggs

After looking forward to going on the Airvan and checking the weather we left Latrobe Valley Airport and flew to Yarram. The weather was perfect. Web Hirt flew the plane at 4,100 foot because we had to clear the mountains. We travelled at 200 kilometres an hour and flew over Mount Tassie and Devon North before reaching Yarram.

AB, Brad, Lane, Jessie, Elicia, Toni and Coby were waiting for us. They had flights around Yarram and had a great time photographing everything.

Then it was time to go back to Traralgon. We flew over Churchill and Hazelwood Power Station and landed back at Traralgon. Web did very soft landings and we taxied back to where we started from.

It was an awesome day.

Eden Middleton Beggs.

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