9A Takes to the Sky – by Alex Bowden

On Sunday the 25th November the class of year 9A went to the Yarram Aerodrome where they were permitted to go on a flight around Yarram in an air van. Mr Hirt flew the plane. The plane’s engine was loud so we had to wear headsets all the time. They were also used to communicate with other people on the plane.

When we were in the air it was amazing. We saw a bird’s eye view of the town and as we flew over Devon North it became a bit bumpy, as we hit a bit of turbulence. Everything looked so small it looked like a big model of Yarram. The cows in the paddocks looked like tiny figurines in a child’s toybox. The slashed paddocks looked like a work of art. Around Devon North we saw where the bushfires burned.

After the Yarram ride it was time for a portion of the group to go back to Traralgon. I was lucky to be one of those people. The Traralgon ride was even better as we reached 4000 feet climbing through the mountains. We flew over Churchill and Hazelwood Power Station and saw Loy Yang in the distance. As we approached the landing strip you could hear the tyres screech but Mr Hirt performed a perfect landing.

The day had turned out perfect. In great weather we got a way to see Yarram in a way we had never seen it before.It was the best day of my life.

Alex Bowden

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