Mrs Cashmore’s Bush Blitz

“The Great Coral Sea Clean-up and Bio-discovery Voyage 2016”  commences Monday 13 June with a group of 12 scientists and 2 teachers arriving in Hamilton Island. I am feeling both very excited and overwhelmed by the opportunity to be part of this amazing expedition.  Bush Blitz is a multimillion dollar operation to survey the biodiversity of Australia’s remote protected areas.  In Australia we have the largest collection of nation parks  etc.  Since the program began in 2010, Scientist have surveyed 2 million hectares of land and have discovered 1200 new species.  I am involved as part of the Bush Blitz Teachlive program that gives teachers the opportunity to work alongside scientist.  Working in the field and being involved in world class data collection is an inspiring opportunity for both myself and the students.  Field work was always my favourite part of being a fisheries scientist and I believe hands-on learning is the best way for students to learn and discover science. The students will get to witness science in action and then participate in our own Bush Blitzes in the future.                                                                                                   The trip will take us to a remote collection of Islands 440 Km off the coast of Cairns.  The Coral Sea Cleanup and Bio-Discovery Voyage 2016 aims to develop a better understanding of marine debris, flora and fauna, and quarantine issues in the Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve through:

  1. Collecting data on levels of micro-plastics and marine debris;
  2. Conducting island clean-ups;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            3. Undertaking bio-discovery and bio-security surveys through the Bush Blitz program

Students will access lessons from the Bush Blitz TeachLive web page ( and follow along on the journey of discovery.

A blog will be updated daily. Some year 7 students have provided me with some entries they think I will write.

“My sleep was rough last night if I moved my arm to scratch my nose I would hit the person sleeping next to me”

“Right now I’m really nervous, because some kid asked me what happens if you have bad weather. I replied, think positively”

DAY 2 the sun is out the water is still and we are well on track to get there on time I have not been sick in fact I feel great

Sorry the writing is very messy as I am writing this in the belly of a shark!

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