8C Gathering Data

Students in 8C were required to create an accurate map of the school grounds to use to collect data in future lessons . This task aimed to develop their data collection and analysing skills. Groups were given trundle wheels, 50 metre tape measures, a compass and an existing map of the buildings. Each group were then given a boundary.  They then needed to create a data collection plan, problem solve potential challenges and demonstrate they could use the tools.

 Students then rushed to collect their data and collect accurate and appropriate information. Transferring this raw data to map form proved challenging but engaging and the lesson was enjoyed by all.

 Student reflections.

This would be useful when…

  • I need to quickly calculate quick measurement for long distances if I was a surveyor or carpenter etc (Liam Farley)
  • people like farmers are measuring fence lines and checking the surface of the ground.
  • when you become a surveyor of a miner or a farm manager. You would need to be able to measure land accurately and efficiently. (Seamus Doyle)
  • you want to build something or when you’re a real estate agent (Georgie Oddy)
  • you would want to become a builder or pilot to measure distances.
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