8A Wilson’s Promontory Camp

Monday 12th – Wednesday 14th November 2012

 As part of the whole group learning curriculum, students in Year 8 are completing a Unit of work that examines National Parks. 8A were the first to participate in the Wilson’s Prom’ learning program early last week. The program allowed students to have a first-hand experience with the course content, as they have been studying this for the last four weeks, while also providing activities for students to get to know each other outside of the school setting…….and hopefully to have a bit of fun too.

 Arriving Monday morning was the first time some had ventured to the Prom’. It was great to see students working cooperatively as they chose camping sites, set up tents, organised group gear and prepared planned meals throughout the camp. These preparation skills are aimed to give a taste of what students may encounter during their year 9 hike next year.

 On the fun side, students explored the rocks of Squeaky Beach, swam parts of Tidal River, night walked the Norman Beach South Trail, watched the sunset, played beach cricket, learnt old-school dancing moves to help with surfing from our instructor ‘Bones’ and had some close encounters with native animals. These included wombats entering tents in search of food, a kookaburra snatching sausages out of a student’s hand then stealing some steak of a plate and a couple of seagulls landing then quickly leaving the BBQ while cooking breakfast.

 In between there was much laughter and fun. On the final leg home, following fish and chips in Foster, there were some tired bodies but, again, students worked brilliantly to unload the trailer and prepare for a comfy bed.

 Thanks to all of 8A for a great time,  Mr Woods and Miss Demaria for all of their work in organising the students.

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