8A Wilson’s Promontory Camp – Day 2

Today we woke up around 7:00 and got ready for the day. We all made breakfast. Some made hot food and others had dry. We sat around until 9:30 the we had a vote on which hike to walk. The majority of people decided to walk Mt Oberon.

Mt Oberon is the tallest mountain in Wilson’s Prom. As we got part way up the mountain where we parked the bus Tayla B saw a sign that she thought says 34 km to the top. But as we looked closer the sign said 3.4 km to the top. We all started to laugh at Tayla. Walking up the mountain most of the track was steep. The walk up took about 50 minutes and the view was amazing. You could see the the ocean, it was blue and towards the beach it was green with the mountain behind us. From the top of Mount Oberon you could see our campsite and people on the beach.  The return journey was a little faster. When we returned to camp we made lunch.

At 4:00 we went down to the beach to learn how to surf and paddle board. We were put into two groups. My group did surfing first.There were no waves so we just did it on the beach. After that we went into the water and played raft run. We put 8 surf boards in wast high water. Everyone held the boards while one ran across. After that we learned how to paddle board. It is hard to balance but after a while we all got the hang of it.

At 6:00 we came back to camp and have showers and dinner. We had fun until bed time.

Ella Mallett.

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