8A Wilson’s Promontory Camp Day 1

The bus trip took a long time. We got to the camp grounds around 11: 00. The first thing we did was set up our tents. All the boys put their tents on one side and the girls put them on the other side.  After setting up everyone put on there swimwear on and we headed down to the beach (Normans beach). The water was a petty blue colour surrounded by huge rocky mountains.

Before we could swim Mr Webster encouraged us to play a game of beach cricket. Taylor and I (Ella) were winning but then the boys started to bat. After that most of us went into the water and the others went to a water hole in tidal river (connected to the ocean). The ocean was really cold but after you put your shoulders in it started to warm up.

After a while we came in and all of us walked to whale rock. The water there was a yellow and brown colour but it was a lot warmer. Around 3:00 we came back to camp. We had about two  hours until dinner. Each group made their own dinner. After dinner some played a game of four-square with their feet while others socialised. Around 8:30 when the sun was starting to set we went on a bush walk. We couldn’t find the right track but after a while we did and we started off. The sun was setting but the trees were covering it so it was dark. Everyone had there torches on. As we got to the end of the track the beach appeared. The sun was just setting and the beach look amazing. The waves looked black with the tinge of orange.

As we were walking, we over walked a different track and we got lost again.  We backtracked and found it. The sand was very steep and very hard to walk up. As we got onto the road and back to camp we found a wombat eating on Billi’s shorts. We thought that was funny but Billi didn’t. We got ready for bed. It was hard because there wasn’t much light.

Ella Mallett.

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