China Bound

Day 1-We have arrived, after a 13 hour delay in Guanzou. Sleeping wherever we could lay our weary bones including chairs, linoleum and carpet floors. Backpacks transform into pillows as we try to maintain body warmth as the core temperature of the building drops. We monitor screens that seem frozen with departure times that have been and gone hours ago. Meanwhile the Chinese nationals intermittently explode like traders at the stock exchange, demanding food, blankets and consideration for the inconvenience. To be fair, they have a point, the flight should have been cancelled and commuters put up in a hotel for the night. However, we are not upset, we are just pleased to know that China Southern is not interested in playing Russian roulette with our lives.


Day 2-We finally arrive in Beijing and are whisked away by our guide, William to the Great Wall of China. The excitement is palpable. Lunch is a gourmet affair of many dishes, including sweet and sour chicken, eggplant, potato and scrambled eggs. The food is timely and enables us to recharge our batteries before heading off to climb the wall. The wall snakes along mountain ridges, majestic and serpentine. It is hard to believe we are standing on this iconic boarder. It is our first big tourist moment and we race around taking photos and generally soaking up the atmosphere. The return to the bus is a toboggan ride full of screams, laughter and challenges.

At dinner, Louis dared Eli to eat three uber hot chillies. If he accepted the chilli challenge, Louis said he would cut his hair into a mullet. You will be pleased to know that Eli won the dare and Louis is now sporting a $10, Beijing mullet. The cut is so bad Louis even scared himself when he looking the mirror this morning. Proving that even in China there is time and space for our kids to be kids.

Lyn Kerrison


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