On Friday 30th November, two Nick Tschugguel and Mitch Schelling competed in the Sale and District Agricultural Show inter-school Go-Cook Competition.

The rules of the competition are as follows: the students and their competitors each have 20 minutes to create two-courses based around several ingredients. The meals are then judged based on aroma, appearance, taste, texture and how well the chefs worked safely and hygienically.

This year’s competition was challenging for all of the competitors, however, after some marvellous cooking and crucial judgment, the votes were tallied and the results were in:

Third place went to Mitch and Nick who produced the Halloween-themed dishes, consisting of ‘horror’ kebabs and steamed ‘spider’ cupcakes. They were acknowledged by judges on the day as having the best decorated dessert and best designed menu and theme.

Nick and Mitch were awarded prize-money for their efforts and are keen to compete again next year!

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