2014 year 7 Camp – February 7th (Last Day).

After lots of fun activities and adventures, we finally have to say goodbye to the friendly staff of Camp Allambee. I have witnessed the personal growth in many of the year 7 students over the past four days. They have pushed themselves to new levels of physical activity, conquered some fears, screamed with delight and established new friendships. We have had great fun celebrating our successes together and sharing our stories.

Many students have taken on strong leadership roles throughout the camp and have provided lots of encouragement and support to other students. It is this support and strength that has produced such strong outcomes for all of the students on the camp. It is amazing how much someone believing in you and encouraging you can make you start to push and believe in yourself.

A huge thanks to all the staff, Nicole Adomeit, Faye powell, Eva Hirt, Jeremy Woods and Ashton Webster,  who gave up their time, night and day to make this year such a special experience for our students.

 Russel Praetz

Junior School Team Leader

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