2012 Deb Ball

2012 Deb group

Eleven young ladies and men took to the dance floor last Friday night for the annual Yarram Secondary College Debutante Ball. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the stage was set as the ballroom and deck of the ship, with an iceberg in the background. The young ladies and gentlemen were presented to Principal Wayne Chester and Cath Chester and VET/VCAL Corodinator Mark Dows and Tracey Dows then danced five dances including one with their parent or a special guest. Students danced to The Blue Rose, The Carousel, The Emmerdale, The Maddison and The Cha Cha to Capone.

The dances were taught to our students by Julie Flannagan and Noel Walpole. Thanks to Julie and Noel for once again doing a fantastic job  with the girls and their partners.

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