Interhouse Swimming Carnival

Falcons Fly

Falcons won their 4th Swimming Sports in a row at Friday’s interhouse swimming sports. The day was a wonderful spectacle of color, competition and true sportsmanship. A highlight was the 5 siblings who won the individual champion medals. Three Van de Lustgraafs, Jack, Katelyn and Emma and two Cashmore’s Leo and Charlie. The much anticipated cardboard boat race was won by Takara Barns and Ella Emberson with help from Charlie Ireland,Justin Gough Boyd and Riley Sykes who make a very water tight ship. Sharks had a victory in the Staff vs students race, which was very keenly contested by all the teams. It certainly was a fun day in the sun. Results for the day were

1st Falcons 887, 2nd Sharks 822, 3rd Eagles 526

Age Grp champions were

13yrs -Lily Marazzato and Jack Van de Lustgraaf

14yrs- Katelyn Van de Lustgraaf and Charlie Cashmore

15yrs- Serena Savage and Lincon Sketcher

16yrs- Kirsty Sheedy and Leo Cashmore

17yrs -Emma Van de Lustgraaf and Bailey Hall

Open- Maxine Avery and Chloetia Green and Angus McKerrell

Well done to everyone who participated on the day and the staff who ran it like a well oiled machine

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